Energy & Technology

Energy & Technology

The African Development Bank estimates only 42% of people in Africa have access to electricity. The gap is huge. (For example, The DR Congo has one of the lowest rates of electrification in the world with only 9%. Installed Capacity: 2,677 MW. While this country has a potential to install up to 100,000 MW of hydropower capacity).

Almost 90% of Liberia’s population has no access to reliable electricity. However, this represents an opportunity for Liberia’s advancement in hydro-electricity. Liberia has an advantage of six major rivers; Saint John, Saint Paul, Mano, Lofa, Cavalla and Cestos River. The rivers drain over 60% of the country’s water presenting an opportunity for investing in hydro electricity.

Digital transformation

Africa leads the world in mobile adoption, which continues to offer the biggest cross-sectoral economic opportunities. Mobile payment networks, pioneered in East Africa, opened the wired, global economy to poor, unbanked city and rural dwellers. These mobile initiatives have achieved huge successes. Mobile is the area where Africa has pushed beyond the boundaries in the developed world, and African tech incubators are pushing to innovate.

Where there is demand, there is opportunity.- The future is Africa