Why Africa

Why Africa

The best time to invest in Africa is now. With “African Continental Free Trade Area” commencing as of January 1, 2021. The conversation about Africa is shifting from one of “deficits” and “gaps” to one about opportunities, prospects, ventures and creativity. Six of the world’s 12 fastest-growing countries are in Africa. Sectors where foreign companies could have a comparative advantage, such as agriculture, manufacturing, energy, infrastructure, banking and telecommunications are among the drivers of current economic growth in Africa.

Africa is a new and emerging market Place of 1.2 Billion with a booming in Demography. 2.4 billion By 2050, and 4.1 billion population by 2100 to claim over 1/3 of the world’s population.

The hourly wage in Africa is less than 50 cents (for example, its $0.27 in Mozambique, $0.34 in Nigeria and $1.62 in Morocco) compared to $10.49 in UK, $7.25 in the USA and $6.57 in Japan.

Investors who are active in emerging markets knows the risks inherent to exposure in these markets in order to be successful. Well-informed investors who can mitigate these risks and navigate these challenges are in a prime position to capitalize on the potential opportunities and financial returns accessible in the region.

Where there is demand, there is opportunity.- The future is Africa